AM Tunnel2K

For tunnel walls subject to high stress levels

Application area

AM Tunnel2K can basically be used on all highly stressed concrete surfaces, and thanks to its UV resistance, even in outdoor areas and exposed locations.

  • Roadway tunnels
  • Engineering structures
  • Railroad tunnels
  • Highway underpasses
  • Underground garages
  • Military structures
  • Concrete walls
  • Exposed concrete surfaces
  • Concrete façades
  • Graffiti-proof concrete surfaces

As standard, the following colours are available:

RAL 9010
pure white

RAL 2004
pure orange

RAL 6029
mint green

Additional colour shades can be produced subject to prior consultation.


Product list

  • Bonding agent: polysiloxane-epoxy resin
  • Solid body volume: >96% (very high solid)
  • Target coat thickness: 120–150 µm
  • Density Component A: 1.59 kg/l
  • Density Component B: 0.99 kg/l
  • Productivity: 3–5 m2/kg for 150 µm dry coat thickness. The actual consumption depends on the roughness of the treated surface and the chosen application process.
  • Degree of gloss: Silk
  • Thermal resistance: –20°C to +150°C
  • Ready for use (thixotropic)

Certificates of inspection and expert opinions

Certified in accordance with EN 1504-2: Products and systems for the protection and repair of load-bearing concrete structures: 
Coating (C) with increased density.

Various system tests conducted by the following research institutes:

  • LPM, Beinwil am See

  • MPA (Materialprüfanstalt, Material Testing Laboratory) Dresden GmbH

  • Federal Office of Metrology, METAS

  • BBL Basler Baulabor AG in cooperation with the Federal Road Office, ASTRA

System certificates can be viewed.


Important: AM Tunnel2K must be applied as a single coat only!

1) Surface preparation

Surface preparation depends on the material to be coated. Under all circumstances, the surface must be free of dirt and grease and capable of bearing weight.

  • It is usually not necessary to use fillers and primers.
2) Application
  • Processing temperature (i.e. wall temperature): 3–30°C
  • Colour temperature during the spraying process: 20–25°C
  • Maximum humidity during processing: 95%
  • Mixing ratio: Base : hardener = 6.0 : 1 (part by weight)
  • Can be diluted with alcohol, ester, ketones and glycol ether, maximum dilution 10%
  • Pot life: approx. 4 hours
  • Stir Component A using an electric stirrer. 
Ensure correct ratio for Component B and stir at low revs for a few minutes.
  • Application of the coating through painting, rolling or airless spraying
  • Material pressure for airless spraying approx. 200–250 bar
  • Cleaning of working equipment using solvent
3) Curing
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Curing time at 20°C: touch-dry in about 2 hours
  • Curing time at 20°C: completely dry in about 24 hours
  • Through-hardened (completely cross-linked) after 7 days
Form of delivery
  • Component A (base paint) and B (hardener)
  • Containers: 24 kg hobbocks (Component A) and 4 kg containers (Component B), pre-measured
  • Pallet delivery: 12 x 28 kg per pallet
  • Storage life: At least 12 months, if stored in the closed original containers and in a cool, dry place. 
Must be protected against humidity and frost.