The intelligent Surface Protection System

In cooperation with engineers, manufacturers and users, AM Surface develops 2-component protective coatings which meet the highest standards. AM Surface products are based on the practical experience of operators, users and maintenance service providers.

Preservation of value

The effective surface protection systems by AM Surface offer long-term preservation of value of your investments. They protect against contamination and damage and thus ensure stable optical characteristics in the long run. In the area of maintenance and care, they provide great cost-efficiency. In their use of detergents, the surface systems are extremely environmentally friendly and safe for staff to use.

Building protection

The systems can be used in a wide range of applications. Their application makes sense in virtually all situations where surfaces of buildings and interior rooms are subject to high stress and ageing, for example as protection against graffiti.

Nano – but without nanoparticles

The surface protection systems by AM Surface do not contain any nanoparticles. When they cure, they develop a nano-like surface with nano properties. But we can completely dispense with the use of nanoparticles which pose a health hazard.

Tunnel construction as the acid test

The performance capability of these new AM Surface Protection Systems is most obvious in the surfaces of tunnel walls which are under high stress.

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